Monday, March 29, 2010

Self-branding, business cards

Some ideas for self-branding. It is hard for me to define myself and my work at this point especially that it changes so often and I never stop changing also. I thought of 3 ideas. Idea 1: refers to lines and connection, path of lines because this is, after all, what the business card is for- networking. Idea 2: idea related to my portfolio design- the image compression. It might look intriguing to someone who doesn't know the idea behind the design. Idea 3: once again, this idea refers to path, but this time the path in After Effects. This is the basic tool to know, talked about during the first class of motion graphics class. It's where everything begins.
/below is also a snapshot of how my website looks right now/

1 comment:

  1. like the number front, but don't know what the numbers mean.

    should i?

    like the simple black back.